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Let's give more attention to Holiday Yufine? [12]

so I've had my H. Yufine (banner exclusive character) for over 2 years when the first summer side story (non-rerun) was released. Since then, H. Yufine has undergone small but progressive changes to her kit, from the Soulburn change on S3 that made the buffs last longer, to the passive change and the evasion modification without having to always be at full health. .

So far, it was just quality of life improvements that gave the character more usefulness, but she never really managed to stand out or become a meta in anything in the game (maybe just for pvp against Basar, but that was years ago)

However, in the recent balance update (the same as the Ervalen that people complained about and reverted), they increased the scaled damage of s1 minimally, and made the character completely LOSE the Increase Attack (Greater) - 75%, which was the most important buff to make the s1 burn stacks deal damage.

Just pointing out that what was supposed to be more of a QoL for H. Yufine, ended up being a nerf, since her utility is to deal damage with burning stacks and clean debuffs, and not to be a full support unity that generically increases attack only in 50% for all team because it didn't compensate the loss of the Increase Attack (Greater) - 75%.

As an exclusive banner character, it's a shame to see her so erased and deleted from the game, and still nerfed with the latest balance patch.

I hope they bring Increased Attack (Greater) back and release EE for her soon, something that makes cast her S1 more one time when she critical hits, that makes her burn 100%, etc.

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    2022.09.12 06:47 (UTC+0)

    I don't blame SG because she's Designed to counter Basar and Cerise and Tenebria,  when AoL and Cilias not released yest , she's just old meta .

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    2022.09.12 08:14 (UTC+0)

    More proof of this companies incompetence. Has no idea how or what to balance. They design the game for two groups. The 5 YouTube kids making sad pvp all day streams. And new players. If it doesn't help those groups it isn't done.

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    2022.09.12 08:36 (UTC+0)

    HYufi suffers from absolute although indirect power creep. The units she was meant to counter fell completely out of meta and the ones who pushed them out are done in such a broken way that HYufi cant really work as a counter anymore.

    The way things are, she would have to counter extra turns in some fashion at least partially. Even if it was self cleanse and big CR push so she can get her S3 off once or something like that, rather then reducing the enemys turn (like how she reduces the CR push).

    This is what you get when your design philosophy is 1 to 1 counter, rather than a soft counter that can also be used for other things.

    Trust me as a SSS HYufi owner I am no more happier about her long term state than you are. Hell even back then she was used only sporadically.

    In general the game went downhill the moment they thought giving absurdly high speed to units that can strip, debuff and also buff their entire team in a single rotation. Basar at least was limited by his base speed.

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    2022.09.12 13:51 (UTC+0)

    I build her as support type + barrier guild AF with 270 spd and she really good in recent balance.

    Her S1 damage is increase multiplier but yes her burn damage is decrease because of G.Atk > Atk up but over all it's surely buff, not nerf. I use her against Peira and Ran in RTA many times and she work fine. The team ATK buff is really useful (but yeah pray to rng dodge).

    But don't mind EE with self G.Atk buff and it's would be great for EE with addition dispel debuff (3 debuffs) so she can clean 2 debuffs from Ran, Peira and bomb from Seaseria.

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    2022.09.13 01:39 (UTC+0)

    They nerfing my green expo damage dealer


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    2022.09.13 10:24 (UTC+0)

    She's good now.

    Paired with Guide to a Decision, she counters both debuff team and cleave team,

    while obsoleting Closer Charles.

    The only opener she fears is Angelic Angelica.

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