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Knights & Soul Weaver Artifacts ?atk? (might break game and/or change meta) [2]

I know this would be wonky for 2 and 3* artifacts with some being obvious vs. what not, I always wondered why soul weaver and knight artifacts have ATK and HP and not DEF and HP? Knights you can somewhat justify if it really came down to it, but Blingo and Hazel are the only hero I can think of that benefits from the ATK as a Soul Weaver. Yes I know there is some moments where your soul weaver gets the last hit on someone with 1,000hp left argument, but that still makes my head scratch on why a healer ever would have got atk and not DEF or ER?

I would love if this was switched, but I also realize that is a huge change to everything in the game if they did go the Defense route which demands extensive testing. ER if anything would solve the ER needs a buff problem as many agree ER is so hard to build without sacrificing pretty much everything else and is considered a wasted stat by 99% of players as of how potent is now. Of course those that don't build ER at all would consider this a nerf to the Soul Weavers attack, I don't know how much ER would fair to give out on an Artifact, but it has to be enough to be useful and it would make players have to actually use effectiveness in their gear rolls

Anyways happy buff event weekend everyone!

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    It's better for all arts to be standard or else if certain knight arts had certain stats for certain heroes it would eliminate choice because anything without your optimal stats would be considered "bad". But who says which art is for who. It stifles creativity. This applies to all classes not just knights. Not all heroes of the same class want the same stats and making arts not standard reduces your perceived options for them.

    Then even if they did get changed some people who use a specific art on a specific hero would cry as that art becomes "not optimal" even if they were using it just fine. It creates a lot more problems and doesn't really solve any at all because we've been using those arts for 4yrs with no problems and nobody has ever thought changing the base stats was necessary.

    Being told what to use is boring and cookie cutter and hurts the game long term.

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