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Event idea if SLIME COLLAB comes back [1]

Might be to OP but it got me thinking. What would be a crazy and cool idea is if the slime collab came back, is to add a "duplicate item event" with Rimuru where you can take 1 piece of gear from each category (sword,helm,chest,neck,ring,boot ) and duplicate them once. That's probably to Op so just 1 piece period. He could explain that he is doing this for everyone so he would be knocked out for years if he did all your gear technically justifies this explanation. Those that watched slime know what I mean in terms of Rimuru's copy ability limit, and it would for sure get people to do whatever crazy grinding quest to earn this, getting a bigger turn out.


I hope Shion comes in too

 EDIT* I forgot to mention as well from the 1st time that Rimuru's pet/wolf "Ranga" could also be a prize (Or purchase) and become a Lobby pet or Field pet.

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    2022.09.15 18:45 (UTC+0)

    unfair because not everyone has the same 27spd piece to copy which means everyone will get different value from it. the crafting event is fair because we all get the same attempts at subs and then we all still have to roll. copying an item just makes the rich richer and does nothing for the poor.

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