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How do we farm exp fodder? [4]

Just like artery gear they had   exp fodder farm. Normal daily and big one reset after 12 or 24hrs.

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    2022.09.10 10:52 (UTC+0)

    Play adventure, side story, or stigma 

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    2022.09.11 00:08 (UTC+0)

    There hasn't been a dedicated exp farming site since I think the very, very, early days of the game. People didn't like/use it, so it was scrapped. Generally, all you need is to play through adventure and the side stories. Max level units on the team generate exp for penguins that are automatically accumulated during your runs. You also get stigma which can be used in the Forest of Souls in the Sanctuary to summon additional penguins. Typically you're more often farming catalysts, as you'll get far more exp than needed before you get enough AP or catalysts. 

    My suggestion, farm whatever you're able to in the side story, hardest difficulty you reliably can, that way you not only accumulate penguins, but you are collecting catalysts you'll need for leveling up skills, and collecting event currency to clear out the shop (which you'll also want to do as often as possible). 

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    2022.09.11 16:29 (UTC+0)

    Farm catalyst. Thats literally how you kill 7 birds with 1 stone

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