Epic Seven



Side Story Idea

Battle of the Frost Mages
Precursor Event - Frost Mage Royale 

-Collect Voting Tickets

-Vote Best Frost Mage: Dominiel vs. Zerato (Winner of votes is the winner in the story.)

-Nixied’s Rewards

15 - Free Unequip Buff (12 hours)

25 - Molagora 

35 - 15 bookmarks

45 - Gold Transmit Stone

60 - Hero Selector (Dominiel or Zerato)



With the help of a friend from another world, Dominiel worked up the courage to challenge Zerato to a duel of frost mages. Now they’re both focused on training before the big event. Who shall be the victor?

Featured Heroes

+50% HP, Atk, Spd: Dominiel, Zerato

+30% HP, ATK, Spd: Cecelia, Challenger Dominiel, Dingo, Fighter Maya, Karin, Serila

Featured Artifacts

Nixied’s Genius

Attack: 32 (max. 416)

Health: 21 (max. 273)

(Zerato Exclusive) Increases the caster’s attack by 10%. Allows the caster’s attacks to debuff the target even if they miss. When an attack misses, increases the caster’s Hit Chance by 50% on the next turn. The skill effect of this artifact does not increase when enhanced.

Nixied’s Protector

Attack: 15 (max. 195)

Health: 54 (max. 702)

(Dominiel Exclusive) Makes Nixied’s Grace an active skill with a 3-turn cooldown and increases Reflect’s damage reflected by 20%. Inflicts extinction when an enemy is defeated by reflect damage. The skill effect of this artifact does not increase when enhanced.

Exclusive Equipment

Dominiel - Snow Bunny Muffs

(Hp% 7-14)

Nixied’s Grace

Increases Combat Readiness of the caster by 50% when using Nixied’s Grace.

Nixied’s Grace

Dispels one debuff from all allies before using Nixied’s Grace.

Ice Spear

Increases speed of all allies for 2 turns when using Ice Spear.

Zerato - Ice Blades

(Atk% 7-14)

Ice Pick

Decreases cooldown of Iceberg by 1 turn when an enemy is defeated with Ice Pick.


Deals 30% increased damage if the target is debuffed.


Increases Combat Readiness of the caster by 10% for each enemy stunned by Iceberg.




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