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Summer's Discipline Alexa (question pls help) [4]

I really want this character unfortunately o wasn't able to play the 2021 summer event. I wonder  if there any othe way to get her or unlock the speciality change ? pls help

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    2022.09.09 16:22 (UTC+0)

    Not at the moment. The summer event that you need to complete finished its second annual run last month, and it has not been added to the Book of Memories yet, nor has a timetable been given for when it will be added.

    If you're looking at her for gameplay, know that her non-SC form works just as fine in the only content she is really useable in - Wyvern farming. Even post-SC she is only a marginally better Wyvern farmer, and she gains no real utility in any other content. 

    If you're looking at her for completionist or aesthetic reasons, unfortunately it's as I started out - there's no current way to get her if you haven't previously cleared the summer side story. 

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