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What’s changed in a YEAR [22]

I really gave SG a chance. As a long time player I was fed up with how toxic they had made pvp last year and was looking forward to a new direction after SG announced balance changes and buffs. But after a year nothing really has changed. SG chose to keep that toxic meta everyone hated and give away free stuff. Basically they want to keep minnows spending and f2p grinding to serve as the fun (food) for whales. We are now at the point where the only way to show displeasure in the continued direction is to stop playing. We asked for better balance, draft diversity, and some small tweaks to OP heroes. What we got was a bunch of buffs that do next to nothing, some heroes released that are underpowered even when compared to average heroes (hi Sharun). And lots and lots of free mats. 

Drafts are still dominated by A Ravi, hwayoung, Belian, c lilias, ml kawerik, and AoLA. On the margins there are some heroes getting picked that weren’t last year due to the buffs but not much has changed. I feel like I can close my eyes and guess the draft after seeing the first pick most of the time.

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    2022.09.08 09:16 (UTC+0)

    Well they didn't do anything for PVE either, roadmap has more holes than swiss cheese... and yes that is every roadmap (years overdue)... left undone without any implication of doing anything beyond, copy, paste and repeat. 

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    2022.09.08 12:27 (UTC+0)

    Meta is out of Control,  they can't take action,  Hwangoung is their last try for A.Ravi when they realized that nothing to do but they'll make just things worse. 

    They took months without new Moonlight,  and we got off meta ML and Niche Mediocre collab/Limited units to waste the time.

    It's all started when SG owned most Super Creative studio,  and we got AoL, 4☆ without pitty to milk the Whales.

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    2022.09.08 12:57 (UTC+0)

    The problem is abusing speed stat, a.ravi isnt problem if she is alone without c.lilias, the problem is c.lilias that abusing speed stat to spam vigor buff

    Same with people with m.kawerik because of debuffer abuse speed stat that can remove buff then debuff + give buff to party. 

    The problem is in debuffer that can remove debuff + debuff + give buff to party such as ran, c.lilias, aola, peira etc. 

    Speed stat is the main problem, unit with 270+ speed can spam their skill 

    Solution :

    1.nerf debuffer

    2. Separate between unit that can remove buff and unit that can give debuff (ex. F.lidica and sb aramintha) 

    3. Limit speed cap max 250-260 (so opponent or our team can get a turn to fight) 

    4. Remove speed rng (after dev limit the speed cap) 

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    2022.09.08 14:40 (UTC+0)

    The "Undebuffable Ed" counters counter attacks

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    2022.09.09 03:17 (UTC+0)

    I get the point that the units mentioned have a lot more utility that other but if no one has that, what do you have as a safe first pick? Also, have you met cleavers? They use none of those units except Aravi. And even in standard you can ban two units and there are tons of units to play around with. Maybe I'm just a mere champion player and not emperor but I think the meta is a lot more fun that it was a year ago given if you have units built to counter those that give you trouble.

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    2022.09.09 13:06 (UTC+0)

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    작성자 2022.09.09 13:35 (UTC+0)

    I keep seeing ppl post about this stat or that unit being a problem. You are missing the point so let me make it super clear. Smilegate has a design philosophy that centers around profit. The profit model of the game strongly incentivizes them to create imbalance that rewards those willing to pay to be “the best players”. Put another way they don’t care if you are happy playing the game, if one thing is more fun than the other, how long it’s been since a new pve encounter, or whether or not pvp is fair. All they care about is whether or not you are willing to pay to be a whale or stay and lose to whales so that whales will have fun. When a company adopts this stance the only way to make them care is to stop giving them your time or money. SG got the kind of chance not many companies get when dissatisfied customers downrated the game in virtual stores. They got a chance to fix the game. They literally chose short term profits over long term profits for the game. 

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    2022.09.09 13:47 (UTC+0)

    "Smilegate has a design philosophy that centers around profit."

    No that's EVERY COMPANY IN THE WORLD because if you're not generating profit that means you're LOSING MONEY.

    Companies are BOUND BY LAW to generate as much profit for shareholders as they can and to INCREASE THAT YEAR BY YEAR. Just like we try to increase our salaries year by year. Have you even taken off your diapers yet to go outside and see how the world works?

    What company operates at a loss? What person operates at a loss? We all do things centred around profit. This means absolutely nothing.

    All you did was say "they won't do what i think they should do because it won't make them enough". Like, yeah? You've never heard of a company turning an idea or product down because it wasn't profitable enough?

    You are one of the best examples of people that need to touch grass because you are completely disconnected from how the world operates.

    Adding "for money" at the end of your neckbeard takes doesn't give them merit.

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    2022.09.09 14:09 (UTC+0)

    If you think people shouldn't play then why are you still here and why do you care? Aren't you being part of your own problem by being here and continuing to play the game thereby showing them support? Hypocrite.

    This thread proves you've been playing for over a year dissatisfied and yet here you are still playing. Sounds like you need to take your own advice and leave. If you had a job where you were underpaid and complained about it every day for a year people would tell you to just find a new one right? You can't pick one of the hundreds of other gachas out there?

    If you want everyone to leave because you think the loss in profit would do something for the game then be the example and leave. Oh wait, you think nobody would follow you and you still like the game enough to play? Isn't that interesting. Guess your opinion means nothing now.

    All talk no action. Probably the story of your life.

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    2022.09.10 08:33 (UTC+0)

    Fanservice is no longer allowed; the game is now directed towards the 12+ crowd as all gacha should be. (lol)

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