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[Closed] Roy Mustang & Ignition Cloth Gloves Limited Drop Rate Up [3]

  • OFFICIAL Dominiel
  • 2022.08.31 10:30 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 5757

Hello, Heirs!

This is GM Dominiel.


In this Drop Rate Up event, meet the Fire Elemental Mage, Roy Mustang, who can inflict great damage when granted Flame Alchemist. Players can also obtain the Mage exclusive Artifact, Ignition Cloth Gloves, that increases Hit Chance and Attack, which is useful when dealing with enemies with high Evasion.


■ Drop Rate Up Event Information

1. Schedule: 9/1 (Thu) after the maintenance ~ 9/15 (Thu) 02:59 UTC

2. Details: The FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST BROTHER Limited 5★ Collaboration Hero, Roy Mustang, and the 5★Artifact, Ignition Cloth Gloves will have a higher summon rate.


■ Guaranteed Summon System

1) Each summon will cause the summon counter to decrease by 1. (Maximum 120 Summons)

2) If a player does not receive the featured Hero after 120 summons, then the following summon is 100% guaranteed to summon that hero.

3) If the featured Hero is summoned, then the Summon Counter is reset.


■ Summon Probability





5 Hero, Roy Mustang 


5★ Artifact, Ignition Cloth Gloves


5 Artifact


4 Hero


4 Artifact


3 Hero


3 Artifact



※ Players may check more detailed summon probability information by going to Summon > Roy Mustang & Ignition Cloth Gloves Limited Drop Rate Up Banner.


 Please Note

- The Drop Rate Up applies only to this Banner during the event period. Players can use both the Guaranteed Drop Rate Up Banner as well as regular covenant summons

- Moonlight Heroes will not appear during Guaranteed Drop Rate Up banners.

- The 5★ Hero Roy Mustang will have his probability rate increased to 1% when summoning on this banner and no other 5★ Hero can be summoned.

- Players can only obtain the 5★ Hero, Roy Mustang, and the 5★ Artifact, Ignition Cloth Gloves from this Limited Drop Rate Up event. This Hero and Artifact will not be added to Covenant summons once the event ends.

- This Hero and Artifact may be available for purchase in the same or similar form in the future.


■ Hero Introduction



■ Artifact Introduction

Thank you.

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    2022.08.31 15:01 (UTC+0)

    He is MINE !!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!!!! 😈😈😈

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    2022.09.02 14:08 (UTC+0)

    Hi SG firstly, props to you guys for making Epic Seven one of the most enjoyable gatcha game in the market. I understand game balance is important. But the Collab units releases really is underwhelming, as a player joined this year during re:zero. This Collab was a great anticipation, not a big fan of FMA to be truthful. But definitely it felt a big rain on their parade on their franchise for sure

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    2022.09.17 13:15 (UTC+0)

    I started playing this game specifically for the FMA characters, and for both Roy and Edward all I pulled was the artifacts using 100 summons each. It's pretty discouraging towards participation in future events when I couldn't get a single character I actually wanted. I even bought the Daily Summon pack, not knowing the summons couldn't be used for Ed.. what a waste.

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