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[Current] Artena’s Equipment Crafting Event! (Edited on 8/29) [5]

  • OFFICIAL Dominiel
  • 2022.08.29 09:00 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 17428

Hello Heirs.

This is GM Dominiel.


(Added on 8/29) We have received inquiries regarding Artena's Equipment Crafting Event. 

We will have a Weekend Buff event and a Weekend Login event during the week that the Artena's Equipment Crafting event begins.

We will provide more information via a separate notice.  We apologize for any confusion that may have been caused.

Artena is back to celebrate the month of fortune!

Just one chance! 

- During this event, players will be able to craft Lv. 85 Epic Equipment with stats of their choosing!


Please see below for more details about the event.


■ Artena's Equipment Crafting Event! Information

1. Schedule

   - Equipment Crafting Points Obtainable Period: 9/9 (Fri) 03:00 ~ 10/7 (Fri) 02:59 UTC

   - Equipment Crafting Period: 9/9 (Fri) 03:00 ~ 10/14 (Fri) 02:59 UTC

2. Details: Collect points by consuming Energy and craft Equipment that you want.

             Players can craft Equipment once per account during this event.

3. How to Craft: Go to Sanctuary > Steel Workshop > Equipment Crafting Event

 During the event, the <EVENT> icon will appear on the [Steel Workshop].


4. How to Participate


    Obtain Equipment Crafting Points

      Players can only receive points during the designated period.

      <Consuming Energy>

       - Consume Energy to obtain points. (Dispatch missions do not count.)

       - Consuming 1 Energy grants 1 point (Energy Consumed: Equipment Crafting Point)

      <Equipment Crafting>

       - Each piece of Equipment crafted in the Steel Workshop earns you 10 Equipment Crafting Points.

    Select Set (Consume 500 Points)

       - 500 additional points will be consumed if you change to a different set.

- If you change to a different set, all selections in subsequent steps will be reset.

    Select the equipment part you want. (Consume 400 points)

       - 400 additional points will be consumed if you change to a different equipment part.

- If you change to a different equipment part, all selections in the subsequent steps will be reset.

    Select main stat (Consume 300 points)

       - 300 additional points will be consumed if you change to a different main stat.

- If you change to a different main stat, all selections in the subsequent steps will be reset.

       - The main stats for certain equipment parts are fixed. (Weapon, Helm, Armor)

    Change substats (Consume 50 points)

       - The substats for the equipment to be crafted will be displayed. 

       - During the event period, players will have an unlimited number of opportunities to change the substats.

       - Four options will be randomly applied when the substats are changed.

       - When you change the substats, you can select which substat group you would like to retain.

       - 50 points will be consumed every time a substat group is changed

     Tap the [Confirm Equipment] button to craft the Equipment you want. (Once per account during the event period)

       - Players may craft equipment only once during the event period. 

       - The newly crafted equipment will be sent to your inventory once the crafting process has been completed.

 During this event, equipment will be decided in the order of [Set > Equipment Part > Main Stats > Substats]

 Players can go to the previous step by tapping the [Crafting Step] button on the right of the Equipment Crafting event screen. 

 Players can craft equipment once per account during this event.

 After crafting equipment, players cannot craft additional equipment even if there is additional time left in the event period.

 Players cannot cancel crafted equipment so please make sure to only craft the equipment you want.



We hope that many of our Heirs will participate in this event,



Thank you.


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    2022.08.29 11:27 (UTC+0)

     Artena's Equipment Crafting Event and hunt buff event should be start together 

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    2022.08.29 12:10 (UTC+0)

    Finally I can get some good shoes Holy ****

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    2022.08.29 12:55 (UTC+0)

    This crafting event should be changed into crafting a piece that only rolls into max rolls. Which substat it should be is still random. Makes the refreshing a bit more worthwhile.

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    2022.09.03 19:49 (UTC+0)

    Weekend buff event= hunt buff event???

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