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[Guide] Hall of Trials Incomplete Fastus 25/7 - 7/8 | No 5* Heroes | 8m+ pts

  • Vegito1991
  • 2022.08.06 17:13 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 182

F2P friendly team, Kizuna Ai can be replace by any soul weaver that can grant Atk buff to team.


- In weakened state, Ranger use s1 will activate s1 again as an extra attack for every 2 buffs granted to caster, up to 2 times - In weakened state, Increase 40% damage when Earth Hero attack on caster's turn


- When Mage Hero in team, damage suffered by allies increase by 50%

- When Ice Hero in team, decrease atk of all allies by 50%

Good luck!

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