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do they hate Captain Rikoris that much ? [4]

  • DavePotato
  • 2022.08.06 09:48 (UTC+0)
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Yeah I'm talking about SG here

oh hello by the way n_n

But Captain Rikoris has been done dirty in every possible way
and now he got reworked...I mean "buffed" into...something new I guess ?

as a character he is very absent and he doesn't even get a chance to shine even in his own story
through his SC quest we learn that he likes fighting with a spear...like a lot
but despite all his training he is still super bad (kinda similar to the gear RNG...despite all your effort it's always bad)

so he became Krau's boyfriend and BAM Captain Rikoris

he then made a small appearance in the episode 2, near the end, where he face Lilibet...and he stressed so much while facing her unconventionnal weapon (giant scissor) that he panicked, wanted to read his manual...and fainted...the poor boy got back to the camp carried by his soldiers

told ya, his story is bad

as far as his kit goes he NEVER shined ANYWHERE (I think he could be used in some...content like gw or something...tell me if you used him frequently cause I don't know)

they slapped the restrict debuff on his S3 for him to be useful in some hunts (but I don't remember which Hunts can benefit from restrict)
He got buffed like...3-4 times already

he was pushed to the bulky/utility side and now he is meant to be a more offensive unit ?

His basic attack is 951 (1094 with the 15% bonus from his runes) // 1141 if he gets to benefit from his own "5% bonus to all allies" runes
honorable mention to the 10% bonus damage he get on his S1 and his S3
and the 10% critical hit chance aswell
which honestly isn't bad

he lost the bonus Hp and defense runes 
the healing on his S3
the stun on his S3
his S3 now has a freakin long cooldown of 5 turns (previously 3 turn)

I dunno why they changed him that way exactly
maybe he'll prove to be good in the future right ?
...right ?

His kit has always been a mess, especially his S3
why going from a bulky unit to an offensive one ?
but why do they ABSOLUTELY want to have that restrict debuff ?
is it really necessary ?
do they just hate him or...is there something I don't know about Captain Rikoris that would prove me wrong or something ?

They reverted Ervalen "buff" but...not Rikoris' one

I hope he will be more useful than the post buff chaos axe...something to not get stuck in limbo forever

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    2022.08.06 11:00 (UTC+0)

    I think They didn't revert Rikoris buff because the outrage about it wasn't as great as the Ervalen-outrage.

    But the cooldown on Rikoris S3 is bonkers now lol.

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    2022.08.06 14:44 (UTC+0)

    Instead of gutting heroes for pve roles; What sg could have done was simply make new 4 star ice/fire/earth heroes. Anyone remember when the last time they made a new one?

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