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I wonder how scaling spd to damage add? . I just lost to maybe 330+ spd ran [4]

My ran build might not be the best, but i don't think he is that slow. 

Also do anyone know how to make ran do that damage, ( maxed vildred artifact or other artifact)???? 

So my ran is 310 spd + 20 speed imprint from cidd and w. Schuri so 330 spd, but i still lost the speed battle. 

But okey maybe all his gear is 25+ spd. 

But 1st turn do like 20k damage AOE per enemy is just too OP

Btw the 1st picture is the damage enemy ran do to my team in 1st turn

So i just wonder how much speed affect the damage? Is there any calculation on it? 

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    2022.08.06 09:08 (UTC+0)

    Ran needs to be 410 spd without any spd-imprints and should be equipped with Silver Rain. If Ran isn't 400+ spd, he'll never work in High-class PvP-- not even mid-class PvP. 

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    2022.08.06 09:16 (UTC+0)

    I think the enemy ran have 3k att or less, around 250 cd and 315 speed, with speed RNG he might win the speed contest

    for your ran, u forget about cd, cc, or even effectiveness, only focus on speed and att,u won't kill anything or debuff anything, u should choose, u want to debuff or damage

    if u build damage u can debuff them with soulburn

    eff build is easier because u dont need to balance cc, cd, att, speed, just full speed, eff, and spare it on any defensive stats

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    2022.08.06 09:48 (UTC+0)

    That build is good. Just put on Alexa basket and see the output . Btw you can check out a website that calculates the damage for you. Just type epic7 dmg calc on search! You can donate if you want to support the website!

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    2022.08.06 12:01 (UTC+0)

    310+20 = 330x1.05 = maximum 346spd possible at start for you or minimum 330.

    A hero needs to be 316spd to reach 331 with full speed rng. 316x1.05= 331.8

    That Ran had a cidd imprint. Let's assume his Ran is also 310. That means his range was 320-336.

    As speed gets higher speed variance gets stronger and stronger and this is a good thing so that the fastest accounts can't literally run away with everything.

    As far as dmg goes your team is glass what do you expect.

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