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EE Ideas! [4]

Mercedes--- Crit Chance %
1. S2 - A Critical hit will decrease the CR of all enemies by 50%.

2. S2 - Has a 65% chance to reset the cooldown of this Skill after using it.

3. S3 - Grants Immunity to all allies after Using this Skill. ( Immunity for 1 turn)

Krau--- Speed

1. S1 - Has a 50% chance of using "Charge" after attacking with his basic skill

2. S2 - will grant all allies a speed buff if his HP is 50% or higher and will grant only his allies Stealth for 2 turns 

             ( The speed buff is also 2 turns -- He doesn't grant stealth to himself)

3. S3  - if he Successfully kills the target; the cooldown of this skill will be lowered to 2 turns

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    2022.08.06 10:13 (UTC+0)

    EE are for units that are not used much or that do not play their role as they should, I think that neither Mercedes nor Krau are at that point, and there are other heroes that need a boost, Imo

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    2022.08.06 12:24 (UTC+0)

    "hey here are EE ideas for two already strong heroes that I use a lot"

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    2022.08.06 20:23 (UTC+0)

    The effects are pretty over the top for EE. This would be more like the old strong buffs that made some heroes broken.

    Plus they dont really fit the hero nor their theme in question. Its more like slapping stuff onto them that would make them substantially more powerful.

    Example what EE would be like:

    S1 - increases the self CR push by extra10-15%

    S2 - Strip chance increased to 100% -or different take- Second proc deals full damage instead of reduced one

    S3 - Yours is ok in this instance, but again Immunity doesnt really fit her kit nor theme. But 1 turn Immu is ok for EE.

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