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소개Semi casual guild ended top 30 last season, includes champs and emperors. looking for members for AI

INVOKE is a chill, semi-casual, guild focused on helping our members grow together and be a part of a wholesome community.  We currently have 6 slots open. Guild Name: Invoke Server: Europe (EU) Last Season Rank: 28 Semi-Casual We Offer: - 24/7 Buffs, max Weekly Mission rewards, completed AI on both occasions - x5 Mystic Rewards - A friendly and lively nitro-boosted Discord community server - Dedicated channels for GW, gearing help, e7 news, PVP discussion, anime/other games - Hero / team building tips from Legend arena players and RTA champ/emperors - Occasional RTA/GW/Arena and crafting/optimization streams - Mock battles, group summons, party game events We Expect: - Check in daily, donate, and request aid(claws) - Participate in GW and Ancient Inheritance - Have fun and be kind to others We are very active on Discord, so, if you're interested in joining our guild or just wanna hang out, DM me or hop on to our discord server and come say hi! We also share the discord with our sister guild Ysuria. Discord: https://discord.gg/aXSf9B3vxa

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