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Recall for Captain Rikoris

Rikoris initially was a useful bulky support unit who was a very good choice to run revenge set in both PvP and PvE. Now he is a not particularly good Caides unit with damage runes. Honestly, he felt better for Caides before this balance patch because his S3 was on a super short cooldown to reapply restrict or hit it if he got resisted, even if it was unreliable before. The balance patch could have just made his restrict reliable.

Please allow players to recall Rikoris for the invested phantasmas and runes. I really do wish his skill set were reverted to how it was, but at least let players to redeem resources for a unit they may no longer want or need.

I also want to provide my opinion that it feels like a silly choice to make a unit that disposed towards supporting the team have damage runes. I object to the S3 changes, but he might still be useful if he still had his defensive runes. The damage runes are a terrible trade.

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