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Yep. That's it. Taking a break. [13]

  • Jozeh
  • 2022.08.04 04:41 (UTC+0)
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Again with this? Well... then F you to the MOON, SG.

Tired of pulling for units with niche uses, as if building units was such a fun thing to do in the current state of the game. Still freshly ****** off about you doing the same with ML Vivian and then you immediately come out with this one.

So, nope, pass. Don't want another great looking door stop.

There is no indication of the game's grind getting any better so on top of that you make these really limited heroes killing off anything to look forward in the game.

Tried to at least do stories but it feels more like an uninteresting chore. Heck.. I just realized I didn't even finish Sharun sidestory... I don't think I've ever missed getting everything out from a sidestory just out of sheer boredom, much less not even finishing the story itself. Haven't even started SB Charlotte's.

Yep, I think I'm taking a long break like I said I would after at least getting ML Vivian. Maybe see you for some pulls on the collab with whatever currency I have atm.

(Honestly, I just bought Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition for android and I'm having much more fun replaying that game for the nth time on my phone than doing anything in E7 atm)

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    2022.08.04 05:00 (UTC+0)

    just take a break

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    2022.08.04 06:13 (UTC+0)

    I never think e7 is a game that supposed to be a main game. 

    As you all know ( no content, lack of balance, and no new endgame things) 

    If content is sidestory ( then it is too repeatable) 

    As in endgame, basically it is just hunt+farm until new units comes out. 

    Taking a break is a good things, like you take 3 months, 6 months or more, and i still believe your unit will still be a viable. 

    Maybe the next 5-6 unit is all about countering peira, ran, and c lilias. 

    So just take a break, and comeback when you want to play it again 

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    2022.08.04 09:19 (UTC+0)

    same with ml celine, if you kill pve mob, your s3 cooldown wont decrease from her s2 passive. only work inpvp, its dumb cuz they dont even state that

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    2022.08.04 10:34 (UTC+0)

    It all started with ML Celine. Very situational characters that are really easy to counter and are pretty much useless outside their optimal situation.

    At least BDom can be use to cleave.

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    2022.08.04 13:17 (UTC+0)

    Shes just a counter to units like C.Lilias. But after AOL im sure SG wont make another OP 4*. ML units are becoming more niche while RGB will have some good use b/c they know more players will have access to them.

    Take a break you wont miss anything after this summer event till next collab. Play some Xenoblade Chronicles 3 that game will definitely keep you busy.

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    2022.08.04 15:30 (UTC+0)

    Well, if you miss the game you can always come back.

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    2022.08.04 17:32 (UTC+0)

    "ml units shouldn't be op (Baal and ara)"

    "We changed our mind ml units should be op these new MLs are bad"

    "No wait we changed our mind again stop making ml units that are so good they stand on their own (cilias era)"

    "Why are you making ml niche units they should be stronger and stand on their own so I quit"

    Ok bye Felicia. You and everyone else that don't know what they want and will complain about anything can go. None of you will be missed.

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