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[Global] YellowSnow (challenger+)

  • Witchcat22
  • 2022.08.03 21:50 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 3

[Global] YellowSnow (It's not Lemonade! Trust Me!) : )               

 ---- Lv 20 (1 spot, 29/30) Gw: ~Top 500, x5 rewards. Ai: Beat Floor 4 (and collected all the guild chests)

 ---> Recruiting: Challenger+. (To help us mark some enemy Towers and Ai bosses in Yellow!) : )


----Active and easygoing. There are many memes/flexes/artwork/e7 strategies/and other randomness to be viewed!

----> Also has E7 news, Mudae bot (waifu/husbando collector), and Custom Emojis!

(Guildwars are Semi-Competitive)

-- Have fun trying to win against meta defenses. As long as you tried, it's all good!, so go ahead and try new teams through Trial and Error. 

--> Reporting intel is not required. I can usually provide Scout reports on the Forts. 


----3 day inactivity period (without letting me know) before kicking.

----Request a greater rune that is the same as the alter open that day, when checking-in. (Catalysts on Sundays)

----Only donate a max of 6 runes per day (120/200 in the aid tab), so there's some leftover for those who check-in later.

----Participate in guildwars (use all 3 attacks), the guild boss, and ancient inheritance.

----Donate 50k gold + proof of courage orbs daily and complete the guild missions weekly. (to keep the Snow covered in "Yellow"!)

(We Provide)

--24/7 guild buffs + 50 energy everyday! (guild chest + 30 energy frequently) -- Weekly mission rewards --Plenty of requests to fill for guild brave crests. --Ancient Inheritance rewards. --Freindly Discord.

--If you're interested (Challenger+): Contact me on Discord (Witchcat#3643) and I will send you an invite. : )

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