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Guild Recruitment

[Global]KEMONO is recruiting(x5 rewards)

Do not join the guild with an alt account

Guild Name : KEMONO

Server : Global

Rank Limit : rank70

Arena tier limit : Challenger5+(Do not hide your arena tier)



2)Donate 50000 gold

3)Request only Terraria ore as aid

If don't do them frequently, you will be kicked from guild.

So please do them every day.

Additionally, Guild war is mandatory

You have to participate in all guild wars(use 3 tickets in every guild war)

We are looking for members who will work hard in the guild contents(Guild War, Ancient inheritance and other guild contents that may come out later).

Also, we're recruiting people to play games quietly and without socializing.(NO discord)

All join request are accepted automatically.(Please comply with join limit)

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