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About Faithless Lidica [1]

After all the clamoring for F.Lidica to get a speed buff, I decided to check out a few things about other rangers. After a few minutes I noticed something wrong: F.Lidica sign (Gemini) doesn't fit her kit. It only gives Attack and Effectiveness, while leaving speed and critical untouched. So there's 4 options to fix this.

1. Buff gemini ranger speed by 6-8, which includes F.Lidica, SSB, Witchseria, Pirate Flan, Laika, etc.

2. Change F.Lidica sign to be the same as fire Lidica, who has 124 speed, to make her viable.

3. Change sign to Sagittarius, and skyrocket her near the top of the meta.

4.New sign to cater more to her stat needs.

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    2022.08.05 15:43 (UTC+0)

    I agree with a simple changer her zodiac sign to gain little more spd.

    she doesnt need atk% awaken.

    she's opener, low multiplier, tofu, high requirement on skills.

    Weird devs.

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