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[GM] Arena Conquest Season Closing Information [2]

  • OFFICIAL Dominiel
  • 2022.08.03 10:30 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 7208

Hello Heirs! 

This is GM Dominiel.


The Conquest Season will be coming to an end soon. We kindly suggest that Heirs who wish to purchase the exclusive Arena Conquest Season items view the details below.


■ Arena Season Schedule

- The following is the schedule for the end of the Conquest Season and the start of the Triumph Season.

Season Information


Arena Conquest Season Ending Schedule


8/21 (Sun) 13:00 UTC


8/21 (Sun) 22:00 UTC


8/22 (Mon) 05:00 UTC

Arena Pre-Season


8/21 (Sun) 18:00 UTC ~ TBD


8/22 (Mon) 03:00 UTC ~ TBD


8/22 (Mon) 10:00 UTC ~ TBD

Arena Triumph Season Schedule


※ The schedule for the ending of the Arena pre-season and opening of the Triumph Season will be announced in a later notice.


■ Arena Conquest Season Frame Distribution Schedule

- We will give more detailed information through a separate notice.


■ Arena Conquest Season Glory Crest Exchange Information

- When the Triumph Season begins, unused Glory Crest obtained from the Conquest Season will automatically be converted to Conquest Points. 

- The exchange rate is 5:1. (Glory Crest:Conquest Points)


※ Please Note

- Glory Crest, Endurance Crest, and Season Points will not be given during the pre-season period.

- We will give more details regarding the schedule of the ending of the Pre-Season and the start of the Triumph Season through a separate notice.

- Players will be able to purchase the Conquest Season Unknown Slate until the end of the pre-season.

- When the Triumph Season begins, players will be able to purchase Conquest Season exclusive items only with Conquest Points.

- The price for exclusive Conquest Season items will be adjusted when the Arena Triumph Season begins.

- Players will not be able to purchase Exclusive Conquest Season items again if they have already purchased them during the Conquest season.


※ Arena Conquest Season Exclusive Equipment

- Ravager's Long Spear of Conquest

- Ravager's Armor of Conquest

- Ravager's Helm of Conquest

- Ravager's Boots of Conquest

- Ravager's Amulet of Conquest

- Ravager's Token of Conquest


Thank you.

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    2022.08.05 05:30 (UTC+0)

    Help. since the update Thursday 8/4 this game often force closes for android

    • images
      2022.08.06 14:47 (UTC+0)

      well there is nothing to do about it. My game is crashing for more than 5 months by now. I can only play 15-20 minutes before crashing, and if i visit my hero list and also my item list, the crash is inevitable due to memory overload. And i have 4 gig of ram.... 

      They just don't care about optimizing. Optimizing will not yeld any money for them so they simply choose to ignore the 40% player base that crash every 15 minutes. 

      I hope they crash during one of the play offs or finales so they fkin wake up and fix the game

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