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[ASIA] Mystery (lv 20 Guild) Is Recruiting

Guild Name : Mystery

Level : 20

Server : Asia

Members : 27/ 30

Play style : Casual, semi-competitive

Available slot for new recruit: 3


"Mystery" is a casual yet semi-competitive guild that seek for active and self motivated members to join us. We hope that players who take E7 as one of their favourite game in their life could play the game with their own pace yet moving forward and become stronger with us. Contacts would make via guild channel and discord is not required.


- Daily check-ins (inactive for more than 3 days might be expelled, do inform beforehand on guild channel or write absent period on your guild member intro to avoid expel from guild)

- Daily donation (gold/ proof of courage)

- Essential to participate in guild war (encourage participation no matter win or lose)

- Essential to participate in ancient inheritance actively


Benefits For Joining Us:

- 24 hours experience and gold buffs

- Friendly and supportive group members (Aids on lv 3 expeditions from guild members and feel free to ask for assistance for any expeditions that about to due) 

- GW Rewards of x4/ x5 border

- Capable to clear ancient zone four 

- Active, casual and talkative environment in guild ( feel free to discuss about E7 contents, pve, pvp, gw or even E7 story lines)

Seek "Mystery" at guild and join us. Kindly invite all players, either newbies or veterans, and even returning players who love E7 and willing to stay long with us to join us. Highly welcome self motivated players that willing to participate guild war and ancient inheritance actively to join us. 

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