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Im sorry but WHAT [13]

I just went in arena and saw a team that had piera and Rem and i was like, "oh let me put violet and Celine, because they're counters!", and then Violet DOESN'T dodge Piera's S3, AND Celine didn't crit rem when using her passive skill! (i have more than a 80% chance) YOU CAN'T TELL ME THAT IS AN ISSUE OF SKILL WHEN STUFF LIKE THIS HAPPENS.

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    2022.08.02 02:54 (UTC+0)

    You lost the RNG game. It happens. Also I've had 99.7% crit chance fail twice. 

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    2022.08.02 03:37 (UTC+0)

    Not sure who this "Piera" is who attacks on S3. However, if you mean Peira's S2, then Violet will always evade it unless either:

    a) You're not using a fully upgraded Moonlight Dreamblade.


    b) The Peira is running a meme set like Oath Key.

    As for the Celine, in order to not crit a Rem you'd have to have less than 85% crit hit chance. 

    In both scenarios (except for Peira running Oath Key, which no one really does) the cause is you not having geared your characters properly to avoid having to gamble. So in a way, it is an issue of skill because properly preparing your characters is the most important part in determining the outcomes of fights.

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    2022.08.02 04:09 (UTC+0)

    80% is still 80%, yes elemental advantage give that extra evade or hit chance regarding the element, 

    But if it is not a 100%, 15% might happen( the chance of fail) 

    Even my jack O can crit rem at 100% crit chance despite elemental disadvantage. 

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    2022.08.02 09:57 (UTC+0)

    Yeah this game does have some bugs.

    I had a GW battle where my AoLas S3 triggered ML Celine counter attack.

    That should not be possible, as her S3 is a non attack skill, nor can it pull a dual attack from an ally that might have accidentaly hit her.

    I tried to ask around about it but no one knows how it was possible. And this game does not evev have a simple function or rewieving last few matches you`ve played so I cant even show it to anyone to see what the heck actually happened.

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    2022.08.02 12:15 (UTC+0)

    Programming code:

    If CC <> 100%, CC = 50%

    This is what is in the game presently for arena and end game PVE content and certain situation in RTA. And people says it is normal because you are not 100% without realizing that it happen way too often than it should and that 1% lack in CC seems to be bigger than the 99% CC that the unit has.

    A 99% CC unit misses crit 2 consecutive times, its normal!

    A 70% evasion unit got hit 2 consecutive times, its normal!

    210 Effectiveness aola misses debuff on 2 DPS unit while a tank with 0 effectiveness landed his provoke on both of them. Yea its normal cause it is not 100%, without realizing it is actually 2.25% chance to miss debuffs on 2 no ER unit.

    What the heck is "normal" in this game?!

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    2022.08.02 20:31 (UTC+0)

    You either don't have 15% Evasion from artifact to guarantee dodge&counter from Violet or that Peira had an art that increases hit chance.

    Celine needs at least 85% cc to ensure crit against ice.

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    2022.08.03 06:20 (UTC+0)

    the code

    instead of 99% chance to success

    they do

    1% to fail

    the result is different depend on what u looking for, if u focus on 'fail' then the probability is increased on 'fail'

    97% cc and white damage 2 out of 4 and it happen too often, it just no way there is nothing happen behind the game

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