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Guild Recruitment

Aternos is looking for some active members!

-Guild Name: Aternos

- Guild Level: 20
- Server: Global
- Current # of Members: 28/30
- Level requirement (if any): 65 or above.
- Arena rank requirement (if any): Challenger+ or Above (I make exceptions for active players)
- Description of Guild: This guild is designed to help most mid-game players to reach end-game because I understand the struggles of trying to reach end game, and I'll be glad to help you with my guildies! We're chill and we'll provide as much help as we can.


-You must join the Discord Server.

-Donate to the guild everyday (for energy and buffs)

-Default Aid is ONLY mana drake claws and runes. (See Discord Server for further information.)

-Participate in GvG regardless if you lose or draw, we take anything. Set up defense as well.

-Set up World Boss supporters.

-Be an active player, anyone inactive for more than 7 days are automatically kicked if you dont give me a notice.

We're looking for active players to help us, I'll be glad if you join our guild and we can have a great time! Contact me through discord if you are interested!

My discord: Czedric#9657

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