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Global Server

About Us

We are a consistent top 500 x5 guild seeking active daily lvl 70 members who can compete in the current meta landscape. We provide sss WB teams, help out with expos, and clear floor 4 of AI. We have an active discord where we talk e7 and anything non e7. Mostly non e7 these days. And we help out with builds and GW attacks.

What We Seek

We seek someone who is level 70 and active daily. They are also able to compete in the current meta landscape - meaning you can deal with 300 speed openers and units like Hwayoung Ravi and Rimuru. Someone who is very active and shows drive to improve their account is also highly appreciated. 

If interested please send me a DM on discord at KingPepega#3284 and I will get back to you ASAP

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