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It is not Normal [6]

So its Hunt Time and i doing One Shot B13, i know it is been discussed before but for me it has to be done.

Of course i talking about the 15% resistant, it has to be removed to Hunt if it has to be remain on Pvp ok but why on the Hunts?

As an example: Leo with over 140% Effectness doesn't hit the Deff Break... his skill Fox Hunt has a 100% chance to Deff Break after awakening, but that's not really true no matter what content PvE PvP or Raid -_-

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    2022.07.30 14:12 (UTC+0)

    Yea, I have ssb, sigret and luluca with 100+ eff and somehow the wyvern 13 resist them all and proceed to slap my dps on the face. Fun indeed.

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