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Guild Recruitment

illuminate is recruting members for our amazing guild :D

Guild Name: illuminate

Guild Level: 20

Server: EU

Members: 25/30

Description:🌸 Semi-Competitive (GW)

🌸 24/7 Guild buffs

🌸 Guild Supply Chest weekly from Guild- every Saturday to give a lil weekend boost!

🌸 Friendly Discord community that helps each other to improve, and have fun at the same time

🌸 We use discord to communicate, where we talk about everything from epic seven to other games, anime, manga- you name it!

🌸 We are around top 100 in GW- Finished 107 last season but hoping to grind us back up again!


🌸 Log-in daily

🌸 Donate as much as possible

🌸 Participate in World Boss

🌸 Participate in GW

🌸 Rank 70+

🌸 Chall+ in Arena
Message me if this sounds interesting

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