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My Ml Diene Ml Bask Summer Tama Skill Ideas [4]

So I'm back with another skill ideas, ( I'll just explain instead of adding Lore/Design)ik both Diene and bask is limited, so idk they gonna release their ml version or not, and magical girl Diene is likely a skin

Timekeeper Queen Diene

Class: Light Soul Weaver

Speed: 117

( She is queen but with current Diene form, and not **** "Queen Diene". Even if some prefer her **** version, I don't mind )

Skill 1: Balance ( SB Ignore er) Attack one enemy before increasing target cr by 15% and decreasing all allies cr by 10%

( you probably don't want to use this before activating skill 2 )

Skill 2: Reverse ( CD 2 turn )(Non attack skill) Applying Time Reverse before decreasing all allies cr by 20%, effect ended after all both ally and enemy taking turn.

Time Reverse

Reverse the cr bar, increase cr and decrease cr wont affected by this
( From 0%-100% into 100%-0%. This gonna counter lots of units like Politis, Emilia, Seaseria, Eda since increase CR are decrease CR in Time Reverse)

Skill 3:  Second Chance ( 1 Times Only ) ( Non Attack Skill)

With the power of time, reset the world and enter new game
( Ml diene can be used as both cleave and bruiser, s3 exist if you misplayed or miscalculated, you can reset but only once)

Chess King Bask

Class : Dark Knight, 4 Star

Speed: 110

( He's on same universe as ml diene and both kingdom always war)

Skill 1: King Turn

Attack one enemy before steal 5 soul and steal 1 buff, buff will be applied to all allies.

Passive: Chess Mode

After picked in real time arena, decrease enemy pick time by half. Effect ingame, enemy has only 5 second each turn. Gain 10% Pure Combat Readiness to all allies if enemy moved by system. Effect no longer applied after caster died.

Pure Combat Readiness

Can't be manipulated by any CR decrease/reverse effects
( lag gonna destroy this passive actually, also enemy need to think fast or they gonna misplayed)

Skill 3: Upgrading Pawn ( Non attack skill ) (4 turn ) ( SB decrease skill by 2 turn )

Increase all allies buff duration by 2 turn. After this skill on cooldown, any buff remove effect gonna be changed into decrease buff duration by 2 turn. Gain 5 Pure Combat Readiness if ally have 3 turn buff or more

Aloha Tamarinne

Class: Earth Soul Weaver

Speed: 106

Skill 1: Song Of The Wave ( Non attack skill ) ( SB greater heal)

(Tamarinne) Heal all allies with peaceful melodies, heal based on caster defense

(Idol) Attack all enemies with beautiful voice, reduce enemy buff by 1 turns before trigger dual attack from ally with highest defense

( her s1 is aoe heal but not as much as fire tama s2 and well if you ever experienced aras dual attacked medric instead of lhc /belian, this skill is the solution, they need to release dual attack by highest def/hp since there's lots def /hp scaling nowadays )

Passive : Idol On Beach

(Tamarinne) Gains 10% effect resistance for every 100 defense caster has and increase cr by 20% after ice unit taking turn

(Idol) activated if caster stunned, remove stun before heal and increase all allies defense and greater defense to ally with highest def by 2 turn before increasing CR by 30%, cost 1 turn idol after activation
( will help her reach 300% er and peira/ran rnl counter, she lost her passive on idol state)

Skill 3: Perform Time ( 6 turn ) ( Non attack skill )

Changing into aloha outfit before exchange all allies except caster debuff into buff and gain idol buff for 3 turns, non exchangeable debuff will be transferred into caster
( unbuffable=immunity, decrease defense =increase defense, but she won't exchange debuff from herself. since she lost her passive on idol state, bomb/stun gonna transferred into her, but she need stun to activate idol passive)

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    2022.07.27 15:28 (UTC+0)

    ML Diene's reset the game sounds interesting.

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    2022.07.28 17:25 (UTC+0)

    Diene needs to climb the support tier back to #1 where she belongs, and dethrone cringe kawerik who shouldn't even exist--an antisocial, parentless, human-hating, crazy-eyeball trademarked male unit that no one should willingly befriend, is *still* the best support character in the game--for almost a full year now!  Truly a travesty and testament to the disconnect between the developers and the storytellers at e7/SG.

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