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suggestion: new mode for RTA

Suggestion: New mode of RTA. 

The rules of RTA in this new mode - Devs can decide, but it can be like the current RTA, double ban, e7wc, etc..

Implement a new gear box that is like the current gear storage, but with the following rules:

- only +15 AND reforged or 88 gear accepted

- more than 10 slots

New mode requires at least 10 pieces of gear in the gear box to play. The player is free to put any gear

into the gear box, as long as it meets the minimum requirements.

Example of how it works:

1. A player plays this new mode. Let this player be Player A
2. After the match (or a few matches), a random piece of gear is selected from gear boxes of all the previous matches (except Player A's box), this piece is given (transferred) to Player A.

To prevent abuse like pseudo gear gifting, accelerated gear farming, the following rules should be implemented:

- yielding will not count as a match

- all units in the match should be fully geared and 5-6*, max level, and equipped with artifact and 6 slots of at least (+15 85 gear(heroic and above))

- Number of times you can play this mode per day can be limited.

- There can be a cost to enter this mode, either some sort of ticket that the player has to earn from other in-game activities, or gold/energy cost.

- Matchmaking is completely random (no ranking like in normal RTA) - This is very important to lower the possibility of players sniping each other and turning this mode into a tool for gear gifting/trading.

- in addition to the point above, there can be some sort of delayed matchmaking where the game will not match unless the matchmaking pool is greater than X players, to prevent players sniping each other during times of the day where there are less players

This way, rich players have a way to get rid of their unwanted gear, and newer players can use this mode to get randomly (good or bad) gear. The inspiration comes from Wonder Trade in pokemon.

One man's trash could be another man's treasure.

I do not think that a player needs to win in order to be eligible for gear, to prevent "the rich getting richer" syndrome

in this mode, but I leave it up to the devs to decide.

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