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Guild Recruitment

Mascots(asia) top 100

Guild: Mascots

Server: Asia

Guild Rank: Top 100 

Recruiting Member(s): 1

We are a semi-casual guild around since 2018 and hovered around rank 200-300 last season, though sometimes we face tough guilds which can be fun and challenging. In the current season, we peaked rank 19 while hovering around rank 50-70s.

We are seeking people who can carry their own weight and have the motivation to improve. Discord is a must as it's our main platform for communication. There are experienced players that can guide you if you require assistance for unit builds, team comps, etc.

We also discuss other topics like games, memes, food, anime, etc.


- 24/7 Guild Buffs

- x5 Mystic Rewards in Guild War

- 50 energy daily (Extra 30 energy during hunt buff events)

- Weekly Guild Chests

- Small friendly discord community for chatting about various topics such as Epic Seven, Genshin Impact, FGO, Hololive/Vtubers, and other gacha-games

- Stress-free Guild War (Info reporting is voluntary)

- Receive guidance for building units and up-to-date meta team comps


- Champ V and above (Can be negotiated)

- Contribute gold daily and requests mana drake claws for aid

- Do weekly Guild Missions (So that we can get all the good rewards)

- Be active in Guild War (Use all 3 attacks)

- Be active in Ancient Inheritance (We have a channel to do planning and guides)

- Join Discord (Communication Platform)

Interested player(s) can contact me on discord: @Talkingdragon#1718

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