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ML Vivian died so that Aria may live. [12]

F for respect boys. Her BOOBA will live on through Aria.

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    2022.07.26 05:19 (UTC+0)

    As great as it is to see Aria not being changed, you really need to let go of Ml Vivian, their situations are completely different and Ml Vivian being changed is perfectly fine whilst Arias wasn’t good in the slightest. I get you can be disappointed but now you can just stop referring to this entirely, it’s cringe enough seeing you post about it on Reddit, let alone on here too.

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    2022.07.26 06:51 (UTC+0)

    They just promised Apple to never release that again,  We'll get Spammed by Lolis and Skinny girls , They'll not take the risk again Especially when Serin that Designed most Sex.y girls is gone.

    RIP .

    To 1% of the community  , Kids with iPhone and iPad  , Congrats ! , Keep spending money , SG looking for your money kids !

    What a Shame  ,12 Yo kids deciding the game future. 

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    2022.07.29 01:16 (UTC+0)

    sad , no boobas , no pull 

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