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Need some judgments on stats and example builds [6]

Hi everyone who care about this post,

I just want some advices for my build for D.Lilibet and BBK. 
I’m currently at Champion V in Arena.

Are their stats good enough yet ?

I’m looking for FCC and A.Ravi examples builds. Appreciate if anyone share ~

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    2022.07.26 04:17 (UTC+0)

    End game pvp wise, they both already good but, but both need 100% cc if you dont wanna gamble. Also im not a big fan ER bbk, so if you still wanna build her that way, then put ER artifact from guild's shop for more ER. 

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    2022.07.26 06:20 (UTC+0)

    What is interesting is i am now also building those 2 unit. I am mostly champion 5 to 3.

    For Dlilibet, i use same stat at you, that is fine. ( and i could say it work if she can crit, since it deal quite a good damage) 

    For ER BBK, i think it is still 1 of the best arena unit that i also still struggle sometimes if cannot strip

    My own BBK also have 150% ER but i also use the bastion of hope ( ER guild artifact) to get more. 

    Her potential really shine when she is in 1 hp so the stat is fine. 

    So both are good build 

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    2022.07.26 11:15 (UTC+0)

    For Dilibet I think 210spd at least so she can cut, and more hp, about 14k to 16k hp. That means u may have to lower her def to 1900+. If u can achieve that SPD and hp with your def at the moment your dilibet is on godgear. BBK can work wonders with ER build, no SPD needed, 150 ER+ with bastidon 

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