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About Ervalen Change [3]

Look. People did not decide to roll for this twi.nk because all of a sudden they were getting Kevin Spacey urges (maybe a few did, who knows). People rolled for Ervalen because of the ridiculous kit he came with, a built in counter, S1 def break, with a 2 turn S2 with damage that scales off difference in between caster and target, making him a tank buster in PvP and allowing him to be very useful in PvE as well. With the new projected changes, he just becomes useless, he no longer functions the way he was originally presented in character video. I would not in my wildest dreams would even spend resources to secure a character with such a useless kit after the "balance." Only artifact useful on him now would be RnL, where with more RNG maybe he can cycle through his skills like Baiken. Just leave this tw.ink the way he is or give people a select covenant summon ticket along with fragments for imprints.

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    2022.07.24 03:03 (UTC+0)

    Ngl, as much as I agree he shouldn’t be changed because he loses his identity and becomes worse, no one rolled for his kit if they already had someone like Baiken, his kit ended up being very average even on release and has gotten worse over time, no need to lie and say he was an actually great unit for pvp, for pve he was once again outclassed in quite a few areas, but he did have the once unique ability of hp difference damage which for something like abyss or inheritance is nice. But to be frank, people only pulled for design, collection or if they didn’t have the already better units that existed. The whole point of a buff was meant to make him shine in areas other units are better in, instead, it’s made him a maybe better banshee farmer? And that’s only if his damage isn’t completely nerfed to the ground. I don’t understand what’s so hard for people to understand about this.

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    2022.07.24 03:19 (UTC+0)

    I'm very disappointed with the changes. I find his design to be very generic, frankly borderline fugly. I put resources in to him because of his kit and synergy with other parties. If they had put a stick figure with his kit, I would have still gone for the stick figure. I'm for the idea of a covenant select summon ticket.

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    2022.07.24 08:25 (UTC+0)

    It was not hard. Give him EE, one which would grant an extra turn when targetting Elite or Boss monster with S3.
    Bam, same effect as what they did (although without the AI change) as far as Banshee is considered. Nothing else lost while the other 2 EEs would be PVP oriented. Absolutely no negative there, and its not like it would make him busted (lets be honest the EE would most likely be Att% coz thats what lazdy SG does when they have no idea what to do).

    Most Braindead solution, without the need to nerf him into the ground and remove core parts of his kit.

    Instead they changed the entire kit and moved his counter to the artifact. Making one of the most broken artifacts in the process and forcing you into a specific build if you still want to keep counter on Ervalen.

    I would like to know if this patch gained some traction in Korea, coz they dont give a sh*t about global players oppinions despite global being the majority of their playerbase and income. Can only hope they stop this.

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