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Potential Incentive to Actively Play RTA [1]

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  • 2XLz[2XLz]
  • 2022.07.23 14:26 (UTC+0)
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RTA is supposed to be challenging repeatable content. Well as it stands, there isn’t a real reason to play RTA before the end of the season. To change that, what you could do is offer players currency that’s difficult to obtain. More specifically, you could offer players Commander Armbands and Mystic Medals. 

The way this would work is after your placements you can begin to earn Commander Armbands. Every time you win a match, you’d earn a set number of armbands. The amount of armbands you could earn would depend on your rank (Bronze-Masters+) and it’d have a weekly cap. The higher the rank, the higher the cap. (Theoretically, if you cap out your armbands (via Masters+ rank) every week you should be able to clear out the monthly items from the shop every month)

As for the Mystic Medals, you’d earn them similarly to how we earn Glory Crests in regular arena except they can only be obtained via a win after achieving a rank of Masters or higher. 

The amount of mystics you could earn per win would range from 1-4 depending on whether or not you’re on a win streak. However, like the armbands, there’d be a cap on the amount of mystics you could earn via wins per week. This cap would increase depending on your rank (Masters-Legend). As a bonus, at the end of each week depending on your rank (Masters-Legend), you’d receive an additional 50 mystics per rank (Masters = 50, Legend = 250). 

***In the event a player gets demoted, if they haven’t completely capped out their weekly earnings for the higher rank they’ll just be locked out from earning any currency until they make it back into the higher rank***

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    2022.07.23 23:27 (UTC+0)

    The rage that would erupt if they gave away a rare, premium, currency at such a staggering rate would be, well, epic. This is an overly aggressive move based on a belief I'm not even sure is entirely accurate. Some reworked version of this might be plausible, but you cannot be giving away that many mystics in content that has almost 0 barrier or limit to entry. 

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