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HWA should get the ERVALEN "BUFF" :) [3]

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  • Sinus[L4rn]
  • 2022.07.23 10:58 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 738

i would say the should give hwa those super buff to her, that would be fine. 

flidica 130 basespeed or the same as peira/ran.

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    2022.07.23 11:19 (UTC+0)

    oui 😍

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    2022.07.23 15:45 (UTC+0)

    Increase her S3 CD to 5 give her extra turn and change cleanse to defense buff.

    Buffed in smilegate style 😂

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    2022.07.23 23:35 (UTC+0)

    Remove the "increase damage if target has higher health to max of 100%" to become "gives extra turn if the target is elite or boss monster". Lolololol

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