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I have a rant, i will try to keep a fair view. [3]

1-RTA and the meta.

Boy this is terrible, regular arena is fun when you build a team up, you are going against a defense mentality. i like that, i dont like the meta and i will talk about them, but yeah. RTA is not fun.

EVERY single battle, you only see the same guys. and instead of a fun sparring session, it all about wrestling  the good toys away from your school mates. Its not fun, is boring.

Being honest, i think a way to improve it is by having a different approach. its all about being aggressive, and i dont think its good to limit your roster, just like guild wars, 2 teams. 

If you were to continue avoiding the "not the same unit mentality" then this approach can allow you to play with the team you want by wave 2. If there is a draw, then all previously selected characters would be banned across, so you go ahead an select a final team. 

Yes, it is RTA but with extra steps. i think guild wars is a better RTAish, i think the same 3 heroes structure could benefit the RTA style. 

Right now, i dont like RTA, its all about "Can i use ravi?" no she was banned "ok i will use rimu..." It got taken. The same motion, over and OVER AGAIN. I would say, pre-ban is a fun mechanic, but one ban at a time is not fun. maybe a 2-3 pre-bans would be more interesting. think about: No one wants to deal with meta, until you are the meta.

2-The meta.

Rimuru is fun and fair, yes he can kill a unit in one turn, but it is fun... maybe not in RTA, but at least with Rimuru you know that you cant have good buffs and that is the fairness on the character.

What i dont like is spirit eye Celine. Skill 3: revives, provides immortality to all heroes (dead and alive), activates counter and life steal, skill 1 can penetrate a 35%.

You would say: but her counter only activates on S3.

Yes, but isnt the skill 3 the first thing she uses? Also it available fairly quick and with other revive characters she is bound to be back.

I dont mind her doing revivals, my issue is where is my reward on facing her?

She does not need a set to steal life, no set to counter, the heroes i killed they get revived and are immortal.

I dont like moonlight cloe reviving all her team mates, but at least they are not given the revive buff, if you understand what i mean.

We barely have that many extinction heroes. only 3 are kinda good. 1 is a moonlight (3 years still no ml Corvus), sigret is hard to balance and you dont often bring her along, same for lilibet.

Ok to provide a closure, i would say, maybe dont reward the fallen heroes, immortality should not be provided and make up your mind if you want to give her counter or life steal. but not the 2 at the same time. 

Although i dont like hwayoung, i must admit, i cannot find a way to say, "that is too much". I find her fair, maybe barriers replenish way to fast, one time she just straight up made up 2 barriers after doing the skill 3. I focus fire her but the barrier kept going up before she goes for her second turn, but i will give it to the builder who figured it out. 

Moolight lilias third skill i dont like that it provides a second turn. it does too much in one go.

I have some dirt on mage angelica but, this is about skills.

3- Skills that strip buffs.

I dont mind them, what i do mind is: what is the purpose on having immunity set then? Mind you, i dont mind the buff being taking away, what i do mind how ever is a debuff is being put on my team on top of the immunity being taken away.

bazar and mage angelica does this thing. (Although i use cerise, i do think it is too much.)

Again, my issue is not having the buff taken away, my issue is immunity meaning nothing, immunity set? nope, it will be taken away and you will be de-buffed on top of that.

I would consider fair: if, immunity is to be taken away, dont debuff the heroe who had immunity.

Be honest, not all units you build for striking hard or strike hard with a de-buff are going to be well balanced in effect resist stats. one strives to strike hard/survive in hp and defense. 

The opponent banks on these de-buffs to strike you hard.

Be honest, a unit that does de-buffs, most likely have above 120 effectiveness.

You cannot expect a unit above 4k in attack, a good crit damage/chance and speed, to  have a 100% effect resistance. That is why you would take a immunity set.

Reward the player for this defensive option. I dont mind the effect being taken away, dont de-buff me when i have immunity on.

Injury effect. I think not being able to counter it is bad. Fine, barrier, invincibility(this one not often provided to all heroes.) and another one avoids you getting injured. The problem is, injury is permanent. I think this one it would benefit from a cool down. Lets say injury lasts for 6-8 turns, cannot be dispelled. When the cool down depletes then you start over. mind you, by the third or forth attack, the enemy is already at half health. 

4- crit chance, evasion and effectiveness.  

Crit chance always fails. I have heroes that with 100% chance fails their attacks in pvp and pve. that should not be like that. The way i see crit chance is the ratio of successfull attacks in a 1-10 scale(50%:5 out 10 could fail, i know it is not calculated like that.). What baffles me is: grinding my way to 100% crit  and failing their attacks.

Evasion should not tank a 20k hit from krau. The whole gimmick is krau and the new green knight lady is they hit on their skill 3 the amount of hp they are missing. This one time a HALF health violet with a base hp of 15k, was able to take a 20k hit from krau and won. of course krau wont do critical, but come on, why is his gimmick taken away and on top of that injury reduces the damage dealt too.

 With effectiveness i have this issue.

a muwi with 200 effectiveness cant land a de-buff on wyvern.????

Also i think Effectiveness should be retooled, Effectiveness when required for a hero to work, it often creates this scenario where it goes above 100 and realistically you cannot have a 100% effect resistance.

1-In summary, RTA is bad and the meta makes it worse on this tug of war scenario where one struggles to play with the good toy.

2-The ratio of revival vs extinction is bad, plus you cant have a unit that does the job of 3 sets and like 3 heroes (counter, life steal, penetration, revives, give immortality, takes de-buffs out of her).

3-Skills stripping disrespect immunity set, i dont mind the immunity being taken away but not to also being de-buffed, then what is the point in the set.

4-Crit chance should be fixed 100% should never fail, hp based attacks like krau should not be tanked by evasion and re-tooling effectiveness and effect resistance. 

Thank you.

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    2022.07.25 02:02 (UTC+0)

    The (4) are really non sense here

    - 100% always cri and never failed except enemy evaded, elemental disadvantage and critical resistance. So make sure you look around enough.

    - "HP base attack can't evade" WHAT?  Damage is Damage, just HP scaling bonus instead of ATK that's all. Ask SG to give Krua S3 EE with no elemental disadvantage or +100% HIT instead.

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    2022.07.25 09:33 (UTC+0)

    this is what happens when you give a moron a microphone. they start talking like they're worth being listened to.

    you clearly don't even know how the game works and all you do is ask for things that personally help you. but you don't even realize that you don't know what will help you because you don't know the game. all you do is complain and ask for ridiculous things that make no sense and they make no sense because you don't understand the game. that's why you think seline is a problem when literally nobody else does.

    do something else with your time or at least spend it learning the game before you start trying to talk about ways to change it.

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    2022.07.26 11:55 (UTC+0)

    I agree with the RTA part only. I think they should add a system where the most banned/picked hero every week gets banned until the season ends. Any opinions? Would prefer if you said what you would want instead of saying "BAD"

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