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One of the worst balance updates [15]

Reading the balance update today was a roller coaster that ended up smashing into the ground.

Firstly reading faithless lidica, being able to now strip buffs is actually a massive change for her as you could never run her against a lot of comps nowadays due to barrier + imm preventing the immunity strip, this helps her greatly, and now having the cr push on s3 with an extra 5% is much better as she no longer has to rely on 4 units existing to push, however, this doesn’t fix her main issue, she’s slow as shit, at least in comparison to the other op speed units they’ve brought it and so she’s effectively useless for the situations she’s actually needed and can only be run as a secondary speed unit which is very unreliable.

Then there was a spike upwards, Senya and Hyufine, very nice changes, especially senya, I feel she’ll be a great unit now that she has a lot more consistency.

but then it all goes to shit, Ervalen, I won’t lie, don’t care for this unit, but that doesn’t mean I want to see his identity and kit be ruined completely, he went from a good banshee farmer to basically useless? We’ll have to see if they change his AI so that he does s2 > S3 first but if he doesn’t, the damage decrease now makes him harder to build and less reliable, and not only that they’ve taken away many of his buffs too which makes no sense, they should’ve just added atk buff and not touched the rest.

Ml khwana doesn’t change much but it at least makes her quicker to build up the stats which will be nice.

And then there’s Rikoris, I don’t know much about his kit, but I’ve at least seen that at this moment he didn’t really need to be touched unless they just rebuff his kit to what they nerfed before, that’s all they had to do really, but now he’s been reworked? For what reason have they tried to make him a dps? He was never a dps in the first place so what was the point of this change? I hope hwa gets some of these ‘buffs’ soon then maybe she’ll be a balanced unit.

honestly, it’s just a major disappointment, two units got nice buffs, one unit got buffs but still has a major flaw of being slow and then two of these units have just been nerfed to shit. Units like Sez, Ml Ken, Ml flan, Ilynav have been most asked for just how unusable they are, but instead we get units who no one asked for and ended up being a disaster for those units.

2.5/10 balance notes

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    2022.07.22 18:43 (UTC+0)

    R.I.P Ervalen.


    - remove the counter mechanic.

    - make S2 into 4 turn cd (from 2)

    - reduce his damage

    - make him PVE only hero

    and have the audacity to called it a buff...

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    2022.07.22 18:43 (UTC+0)

    seriously sg need fire asap person responsible for today super garbage balance patch

    i mad about flidica, they dont understand the main problem this hero has


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    2022.07.22 18:56 (UTC+0)

    Absolutely nothing has made most units better but rather worse ngl. Make Hwa and clilias and aravi pve only heroes then. But ofc they won't do that? SO WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT TO ERVALEN? WHY? 

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    2022.07.22 19:03 (UTC+0)

    If sg goes through with the update they just simply don’t care 

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    2022.07.22 20:34 (UTC+0)

    Oddly enough Senya in my opinion was one of the last quality character design to come out in long time. And while this overall in some cases in a net buff. One of the biggest reasons LKrau got the hang-up for the most part is his weakness to shield punishment and strip+unable to buff. Which was and still is problem for her. That and Chun-li makes her moot. 

    This whole patch is a wash. 

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    2022.07.22 21:37 (UTC+0)

    If you are going to balance the ervalen like that don't smilegate it, leave it as is.

    don't kill the character, just don't mess with his kit please!

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    2022.07.22 23:26 (UTC+0)

    I don't think F.Lidica is a character meant to go first. Those that want her to do so are hypocrites if they also complain about the 7 disasters, bad balance and no nerfs. Also most likely the people who used to abuse her when she was a viable opener. You see, I remember those days as someone on the other side of the stick, and she was way worse than Ran, Peira or C.Lilias.

    For all the overload that is in those 3 units kits plus the insane speed, not one of them can completely shutdown another player's team as F.Lidica can. They all can get countered, by normal counters and non-attack skill counters. Units like Handguy or Diene can bring back your team into the fight.

    F.Lidica can't get countered, she doesn't use a non-attack skill, she now can kill 2 buffs so immunity doesn't matter, she can easily delete any chance of comeback by putting key units like Handguy in cooldown and then give her entire team a hefty CR push AND skill null.

    So, no, screw the idea of 300+ spd F.Lidicas.

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    2022.07.23 04:35 (UTC+0)

    I am genuinely surprised about hoe much outrage there is, we needed this for Alencia, Destina, Armin, Chloe and now we are getting Ervalen next... Like how many units RGB we need to nerf every patch 

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    2022.07.23 04:48 (UTC+0)

    can we request a recall on Ervalen?

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    2022.07.24 00:37 (UTC+0)

    Senya buff is fine and all but amplifies the problem we have. She's  my favorite unit and made decent use of her when she came out. Her EE came out and it was a really good EE with good options. About 3 weeks later I think Rimuru was released. 

    Basically the end for her and characters like her (Aria). Not only does he bypass her defense but he also steals her buff. COUNTER and (greater) Attack buff. Not for him, no. The entire enemy team. Senya wasn't only suddenly easy to kill but also benefited your enemy more than yourself. "Just ban rimuru" yes, in RTA maybe. But then there was also Carrot, ML Khawazu and AOLA. And now Hwayoung (which I like but come on). 

    Now with this buff, you once again help the enemy more so than yourself because DJB now has yet another way to direct damage her, bypassing her already RNG dmg mitigation passive and nukes your whole team. Also makes your team OPSig targets. Kawrik doesn't care about the debuffs, Dilibet enjoys the additional debuffs.

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