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The Scam Artist is back at it again. [2]


What on earth is THIS ?!?!?!. 2 silver stones for 137ss is dumb, I can just transmit 3* units without spending ss.

2 powders of knowledge for 137ss. It's not even worth it. I'll just sell useless artifacts.

And then there's the Gold . I can just farm Hunts. 250k isn't even a lot.

I for one know better than to buy those items, but what about the newer players? -- SG is Preying on the New players.

Newer players are more likely to buy these items because they think their good deals. You want them to waste resources so that they're more likely to spend actual money resources when they need it the most. But guess what.....I ain't turning  a blind eye

 SG, if you ever wanna try and pull off some stunt like this again, you'll have to get through ME! 



 Those newer players won't fall victim to your little tricks now that I have my Foot down 

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    2022.07.20 22:32 (UTC+0)

    I'm not saying those are good deals but within their pricing system those are actually better deals than "normal".

    2 silver stones or the 2 powders are basically two 3* pulls. One pull is 100 skystones at "normal" price. So yeah, 137 skystones is cheaper than that.

    Same with the gold. Normally with 120 skystones you can buy 172.500 gold, so 250k for 117 is better.

    But yeah, what you said is true, you can just do hunts. Even if you are out of energy and leifs, for 120 skystones you can buy 240 energy, that's 12 hunts at about 34k gold per run without any buffs, iirc, so about 400k gold. That's already much better than buying gold directly but you also get crafting and reforge materials, skystones, mystics, pieces of gear, charms, etc.

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    2022.07.21 01:28 (UTC+0)

    If you can't do the math

    A silver stone or power = 5 BM = 95 SS

    So normally 2 = 190 SS

    And if you feel it isn't worth, just don't buy it. Players basically buy only leif and mystic anyway.

    "Newer players are more likely to buy these items because they think their good deals."

    Noone buy silver stones with SS even new player but some buy powders for exchange rateup AF or bottle.

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