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Recruiting guild SkeleeSq (Global) [1]

Name: SkeleeSq

Server: Global

Level: 20

We get: 5x mystic, Fully complete ancient inheritance, max mileage rewards, energy everyday.

Looking for: Strong active players who clear their weeklies, do GW, donate & aid.

We are: A chill, friendly, & helpful environment looking for similar/like-minded quality members. Usually hover around top 200 in GW.

Leave a post here if you want to join or message me on discord: pizza pie#1848

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    2022.07.27 05:51 (UTC+0)

    Is the offer still available? I'm looking for an active guild since mine is mostly deserted.

    I'm daily active. Challenger V in PvP. Unranked in RTA. Working on improving the gear on multiple characters.

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