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What did the title mean? [5]

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  • Giyuc[Giyuc]
  • 2022.07.19 17:27 (UTC+0)
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Why present the new unit as; Someone is coming to Orbis, when this way of mentioning a Hero was used to announce the unit of a collab, maybe I'm thinking too much, but the reference that it does not belong to Orbis makes me think that it is not original to the game lore.

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    2022.07.19 18:05 (UTC+0)

    It just only meant a new character is coming as new or becoming a playable character, if it’s a collab SG would do another kind of preb announcement, most of ppl know how they do the publicly 

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    2022.07.20 01:34 (UTC+0)

    The title mean " no nerf . also we are going to create another problem to sell solution "

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