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New unit [18]

Maybe? Or finally new summer unit 

포스트 18

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    2022.07.19 10:39 (UTC+0)

    at this point I no longer expect anything. . . 

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    2022.07.19 10:40 (UTC+0)

    I don't think that's her, her hair and ornaments don't fit unless they changed her design, which i doubt.

    It's probably a new summer unit or a new EP 4 unit

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    2022.07.19 11:02 (UTC+0)

    I dont thinks its a summer unit, considering the background which is usually fairly telling.

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    2022.07.19 11:15 (UTC+0)

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    2022.07.19 11:16 (UTC+0)

    I think she's Silvana. The guardian who protect Taeyou and Adin.

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    2022.07.19 11:53 (UTC+0)

    has to be fake, it has to be male unit, no way SG gonna release a female unit that gonna band aid their revenue in this current state of game where gear is core problem more than collecting hero, blasphemy! 

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    2022.07.19 12:32 (UTC+0)

    It's new sc guys!

    Sc iseria!

    and dont forget, pretty obvious her kit absolutely for pve only! KEK

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    2022.07.19 12:40 (UTC+0)

    Maybe she could try guiding SG to a better future for all our sake...

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    2022.07.19 12:59 (UTC+0)

    yeh another violet, hwa,rem or politis food :D.... or rimuru if she gives good buffs

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    2022.07.19 13:02 (UTC+0)

    Armid, Aria's sister . . .

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    2022.07.19 14:08 (UTC+0)

    Lua's likely the ep boss, meaning an ML in a few months. Probably not Silvana, since Silvana is similar to the Spirit Lords, and the only one of them to incarnate thus far has been Destina. It's possible, but unlikely, that Silvana would come now. We know it's not an ML or SC since we just got one, and the other just drops this week. And this certainly doesn't feel like a summer hero. 

    Armid is a relatively high probability, but the timing seems a little off. Would have made more sense to drop her before Yulha, maybe even before Taeyou. Since she's dead now and they'd have to do another flashback to cover whatever story for her they need to cover. We've been getting a lot of flashbacks this ep, I think they need to be careful w/ overusing flashbacks to tell the story. Unless the next chapter has her coming back somehow.

    I suppose if you go "out there" Armid could be like Meru (living sacrifice/AD vessel) and then you switch up Armid and Lua,  meaning this could be Lua, Armid the boss. 

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    2022.07.19 15:09 (UTC+0)

    Nah shes another Story RGB unit. Too early for another ml5 and that doesnt look like a summer attire

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    2022.07.19 16:24 (UTC+0)

    Her hair doesn't match with Lua'sso how exactly is this her?

    If that's Silvana then SG potentially spat on their own lore since all Spirit Lord's don't have physical forms with Destina being the unique case.

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    2022.07.20 01:35 (UTC+0)

    It's pink Destina 

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    2022.07.20 04:03 (UTC+0)

    Better not be a Destina Alt.

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    2022.07.20 11:42 (UTC+0)

    Summer Elena

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