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[ Hero Concept 27 ] [1]

This is the 27th original hero concept.

The first hero featuring the new Enforce mechanic.

Enjoy :)


Attack an enemy, dealing 2700 fixed damage.




S2 CD: 4 Turns

Grant Increase Defense and Speed to an ally for 3 turns, or inflict Decrease Defense and Speed on an enemy for 2 turns.

Increase the caster's damage dealt to heroes by 25% this game (Max 4 stacks).

Cannot trigger a Counterattack.




S3 CD: 3 Turns

Attack an enemy, Penetrates Defense by 40%.

Overflowing damage is regained as health.


Enforce: Attack a random enemy.





Better Enforce when there are at least one low health enemy.

The more squishy/low health enemies, the fewer tanky ones, the higher Enforce value.

Especially when hitting an empty health enemy, the Overflow effect heals a lot.


S1 is damage output lower limit, S3 is upper limit.

The poster child of Enforce mechanic, I give it a simple and solid skill set.

Learn more about Enforce:

Comments are welcomed.

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    2022.07.20 10:09 (UTC+0)

    Once again TC continues to demonstrate his lack of understanding of the game mechanics. Imagine thinking non-attack skills can be "countered", you really need to get the terminology right dude.

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