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Additional damage shouldn't happen on miss. [2]

This is a really broken mechanic, why should a unit who has missed a target, and does only 2k or less damage, be given the ability to do 10k more damage just because?  Debuffs don't for the most part work that way. When a character misses, generally the debuff also misses. Why does additional damage have to bypass all stats, and mechanics? It makes no sense, and it gives units like Hwayoung a broken advantage over every unit in the game. Where even if she misses, she can still do 8k to 12k extra damage from Uberius tooth + s1 special effect. 

Please make it so additional damage abides by the same rules as debuffs.

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    2022.07.18 11:26 (UTC+0)

    artifact debuffs are also triggered on miss! are you tripping or something

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    작성자 2022.07.20 11:39 (UTC+0)

    Artifact debuffs can also be resisted. Stripping, although not a debuff, can be resisted. CD attacks can be resisted. Why can't additional damage be resisted too by effect resistance? 

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