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This Guy MUST Be a 5-Star Unit asap! + Skills idea [5]

It'll be nice to have a playable unit with his design. I would like his skill to be more unique than most Units

Here's what I think his skills should be : 


              FIRST FORM

S1: Attacks the enemy, triggering a dual attack from a random ally. When Debuffed, he'll trigger a dual attack from an ally with the Highest attack. Damage dealt increases proportional to the caster's defense.

Passive Skill: If attacked by a skill that penetrates defense, damage suffered will be decreased by 30%. Enemy Party will also suffer from any and all (Except for Seal, Stun, and Sleep Debuff) debuffs that are currently on the caster. ( You will not actually see the debuffs on the enemies, it's implied. So Kal'adra will not take effect.)

S3: ( Not an attack) Grants Defense and Speed Buff to all allies while Inflicting Blind and atk down debuffs to all enemies. However, if he uses this Skill while his HP is 30% or lower, it will instead activate his Transformation. Upon Transforming, he is guaranteed to inflict stun debuff to the enemy with the highest spd for 1 turn. (3-turn cooldown)

                         Second Form ( He'll only have 2 skills)

S1: Attacks the enemy 3 times dealing damage proportional to his Defense. Damage will be Multiplied by the amount of Debuffs on him. And will absorb some damage dealt as health. Has a 50% chance to decrease cooldown by 1 turn

-- Soulburn for 10 Souls will Def-Break the target for 1-turn before attacking

S2: Will steal 5 souls then decrease the CR of all Enemies by 15% ( 4- turn cooldown)

* He will have a higher Base Defense than most units in the game, someone could easily give him 3k Denfense

Don't be shy to give your thoughts in the comments and if this Unit did exist with this skill kit, how would you beat him. 

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    2022.07.15 06:29 (UTC+0)

    Everyone gucci until he said 

    "Cast off.. Hyper clock up"

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    2022.07.17 02:21 (UTC+0)

    Thanks for sharing your idea.

    Here is my thought:

    This hero has multiple forms.

    S3 turns this hero into the next form.

    This hero has an array of skills: A, B, C, D... each one is stronger than the previous one.

    After turning into next form, S2 becomes S1 and the next skill becomes S2.


    S1: A

    S2: B

    After using S3:

    S1: B

    S2: C

    S3: Exuviation, or Chrysalis?

    Exuviation: Take damage equal to 50% self current health. Turn into next form.

    Chrysalis: Turn into chrysalis (Unable to act, with decreased stats)  for 1 turn. Then turn into next form with 100% health.

    S3 requires 100 Fighting Spirit, or start with full cooldown.

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    2022.07.17 06:15 (UTC+0)

    I dont know why apart from Zeno, they don't release Monster Heroes (not counting the 2 star fodder)... everything has to be human or humanoid furry

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