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Is there any chance to build a RES DPS? [7]

Recently I tried to build some DPS with very high resistance because I feel boring with the bruiser and cleanser meta. The problem with it is that I cannot get enough of other stat if only focus on resistance. If you really want to build a resist unit, you want it to get over 200% res, which is technically equivalent to 200% atk, hp, def, 175% crit dmg,133 crit chance or 88 spd. It is unfair that we have to lower other stats so much just to resist all the control and debuffs from enemy while Aravi can just use Crimson seed still being so tanky with a bonus of 30% crit chance with CR push with a revive with insane dmg with healing with @#%$&abcxyz ... Another problem is you still get controlled easily with high effectiveness unit just because effectiveness is much easier to get than resistance (I mean, a pure controller only need effectiveness and spd to work). I think we must have a rework on Resistance system.

For the first problem, Resistance are not related to the other stat system so the adjustment that I can think of is to change the ratio of those stats on main and sub stat. A ring shouldn't have equal atk% and res% main stat, maybe it can be changed to 75% or 80% res instead to lower the requirement stat for the res DPS. Also the substat for the res can be a little bit higher compares to others.

For the second problem, instead of natural 15% res on every unit, it can be changed to: res stat is 15% (should be a lot more) higher than effectiveness stat. It is not fair that a controller only need equal eff to a hero's res to control him. 200 res is useless when you face an Aola with really low gear requirement. 100% gap to resist all is just really impossible. Even if you manage to have 300% res, other stat will be extremely low (a Rimuru will easily blow you away).

Another thing is, Ignore res and control-that-cannot-be-res is really unfair. A Politis with full dmg still control all over the battle with her passive (reduce 50% CR gain) even though all of your team have 200% res.

Here is my Aria on res build. I think she will be good on res build because:
- Bonus 30% crit chance (lower the requirement)
- Bonus crit dmg on passive (lower the requirement)
- Scale def (higher durability will also be higher dmg, lower the requirement)
- Has buff and REALLY rely on those buffs
Somehow I get her to 200% res with 100% crit chance. But the def and health drop so much that she will be one hit by every unit (I tried with higher def and health and she can't even break the barrier)

I really hope there will be some changes on this so we can have more ways to build a hero (not just stack health and def and still do insane dmg with the help of Handguy)

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    2022.07.14 14:08 (UTC+0)

    As far as I know only specific heroes are viable for this build. Heroes who have something special going on for them that allows them to skip part of their dmg in favor ot the ER.

    For example, the high end competitive BBK build using ER sets with high offensive subs. Since her damage scales from missing HP, as long as your dmg stats are at least ok, she will still hit like a truck due to that.

    MLK is another solid example. And I`ve seen a full ER Kayron. Though I am not sure how that one performs tbh.

    ER is a bad stat in general and considering how the ER vs Eff calculation goes, it would be good if they buffed it at least by +1% for all rolls, applied retrospectively so that its at least a little bit easier to stack up without sacrificing to much in the other stats.

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    2022.07.14 14:41 (UTC+0)

    some japanese player do this, he played very slow high res all hitter + opener seline, his plan is to give immortality to everyone and one shoot them in 1 turn, thats very creative if u ask me

    ER only have 2 option ~120 or 250++
    120 er to resist non debuffer unit like arby blind, vio, etc >>>> this option is good for tank, u dont want your tank to get stunned by mchloe right
    250++ for debuffer

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    2022.07.14 16:30 (UTC+0)

    Focusing on high resist on a dps is hammering that hero dps potential real hard while overcoming that high resist is extremely easy.

    Any hero that can penetrate defense(they are plenty),can easily one shot that 10k HP Aria which is supposed to take hits because that's her kit

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    2022.07.14 19:08 (UTC+0)

    Yes, in theory, and some practice, it absolutely can work.

    For Aria specifically, it's exceptionally difficult. Her her overall kit her her her is n't conducive to this plan. As a mage she is naturally not very healthy on hp, so you have to make up a lot of ground in gear to gain survivability, build her on LS, or otherwise build the team around keeping her healthy. Like Senya she is vulnerable if her counter buff is stripped, but unlike Senya, Aria needs to crit to do dmg so Senya would be easier to build on a full ER theory cause you can redirect all cc stats that direction. Basically, Aria has too many stats to cover for a full ER build to be truly viable. 

    The full ER idea can work, just not likely w/ Aria. 

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    2022.07.14 23:02 (UTC+0)

    Think about it this way, getting 200 effect on AOL, vs getting 250 res on anyone else, which is easier?

    I've had 300 res Destina getting silenced and debuffed all the fking time.

    Res is simply the single most miserably useless, most pathetic, most gimped and most horribly balanced stat in E7.

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    2022.07.15 12:38 (UTC+0)

    Res stat needs to be scaled up at least by 25-40% to worth investing in.

    And, to that exact build. Try christy as res booster and invest more in proper stats. Sad part - in still will not work in rta because of bans.

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    2022.07.17 02:01 (UTC+0)

    Probably try Christy.

    Of course the best way of making it happen is devs make a ER scaling/ER difference scaling hero.

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