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Buffs and Debuffs should be able to Extend [1]

Let Me give you guys an example of what I mean :

Extended buff - If one ally grants the team atk buff for 2 turns and another ally does the same --then the other 2 allies will have a 4 turn atk buff.

Extended Debuffs - If I somehow inflicted 4 bombs on an enemy with the Pirate Flan + Seaseria comp and detonated them with seaseria -- that enemy should be stunned for 4 turns 
Or, if inflicted silence on the enemy 2 times with aola, then the enemy is silenced for 2 turns

Hopefully, you guys get the picture with those examples.

This idea is great for those who like having fun with control units.

Have a great day 

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    2022.07.14 10:12 (UTC+0)

    Well technically speaking there is a mechanic like that in game, tied to specific heroes.

    *Dizzy can extend debuffs applied to the enemy by 1 turn with her S2

    *Mercenary Helga can extend Buffs granted to allies by 1 turn on the other hand.

    Sadly we dont see either of these mechanics utilised much elsewhere but they certainly exist.

    However your idea of stacking overlapping debuffs for basically unlimited duration ? ....

    I think this comment is a troll. Because asking for a possible 4 turn stun cant be taken seriously by anyone.

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