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Player PoV of the game and idea for improvement

1) Add an option to open the mail box after finishing a run.

For example, after a story clear or any type of game mode clear, if i ran out of energy there is only 2 option using ss or leaf to continue, but my mailbox still have energy in there and there is no way to access to that because the icon is not clickable unless i back out to the lobby to get out of the dungeon only then i can use the mailbox and claim the energy in there, its wasting time and anoying experience

2) After n auto run if you stop in the middle of the run using yield or try again the game will not show all the items drop menu from all those previous run and all item will go into inventory. For example wyvern hunt or any type of game mode with the auto run option like adventure or side story, my team is losing and the only one survive is the tanker of the team and that tanker still alive so it drags the fight for extra time, if i stop repeat and click on yield or try again the previous result of 14 runs before will be added to inventory instead of showing the result at the end. So if there is a way to show the result in that situation instead of go back out to the lobby and arrange it again in the inventory it will be a big help.

3) Add both energy buy using conquest point and friendship coin in the same drop down menu when player click on energy icon, it will save alot of time for player.

instead of just these 2 option you can add the option to use conquest point and friendship point in the same menu

4) Create an option to auto reroll secret shop and let the player pick the item they want to find in a drop down menu before the auto reroll so when the item show up in the shop it will stop for the player to pick up the item they need and continue to auto reroll or set an option to auto buy all item in the checklist that player set before they use the auto-reroll button. 
If the option above is not possible, could you at least add the x10 reroll in the shop and let the result of all x10 reroll show up at after player click on the x10 reroll and just group all the item with the hero icon aprear so it can mentally healthier for player who play the game

I hope that these suggestion can reach the devs and they can add these improvement in the near future update to make it better for the user experience.

Ps: If you read this till the end sorry for my bad English and thank you for your time,

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