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[Global] TrueApus

  • RANK70
  • Straxex[Straxex]
  • 2022.07.13 01:17 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 3

-Casual-semi-competitive day 1 guild (non-sweaty members with very good GW rosters) is what most ppl have and what we looking for
-2-3 spots open atm (if we full and ur not in rush to join a guild we can save a spot for u to join once well have a spot)
-very stable Guild, we are the only Guild that survived since day 1 being always in top 30-100ish GW without any merges/streamer benefits or any other 3rd parties.
-we do all PvE contents (expedition 3 etc)
-we fully clear Ancient Inheritance +2++ revived extra bosses
-most members are at the end game with stacked pvp/pve rosters chilling on a non sweaty/tryhard guild (since there's 0 reasons to while u we get most mystics this way)
-daily 50+30 energy given to all members + weekly Guild Supply Chest
-overall GW rank 30-100
-GW x5 rewards (max)
-Guild gold buff
-active Guild and Discord with 700+ members
We are looking for active members with decent GW Roster and defense. We are friendly, memeing playing for fun, not afraid of nsfw, theory crafting, help anyone who need help with any build/heroes etc on a chill environment and very active discord.
Our requirements:
-lvl 70+ -Challenger 1 + in Arena (with exception if u don't focus much on arena etc)
-decent GW roster and def (we can also help u build a good team if u need help)
-use all your flags every GW
-use your attacks on World Boss daily
-Aid and Donate daily hunt mats
-complete all Weekly missions
-donate gold daily
-join Ancient Inheritance when its gonna be on
-join our Discord (everyone is welcome) : https://discord.gg/BjbYE9r

If you are interested in joining us, dm me (Straxex) on discord after you joined our Discord with your GW defence team / PvP roster and their stats at least of important heroes and what rank you finished Arena weekly or RTA rank. If no reply you can chill in our Discord until you get a reply.

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