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The people throwing a tantrum over Aria are the reason we don't get nerfs. [28]

SG will never change their mind about nerfing a unit when we have people throwing childish tantrums over the small change Aria will receive even though it doesn't affect her kit at all. And if you are an Aria defender and tell me you "support nerfing units" then you're a massive hypocrite. 

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    2022.06.22 16:47 (UTC+0)

    You said it yourself changing art and skills are massively unrelated so how is someone a hypocrite if skills are a completely different subject 

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    2022.06.22 16:58 (UTC+0)

    lost hope about Meta , That's why focusing on Waifus and ***** is better way to enjoy the game .

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    2022.06.22 17:56 (UTC+0)

    So us being mad they won't nerf broken units because "people spent money on it!" meanwhile they will change a unit's design, their core identity, despite the fact "people spent money on it!". It is pure hypocrisy and and shows their priorities are backwards.

    Hwang doing 10% less true damage is still Hwang. Aria with a double masectomy and in an Amish dress is not still Aria.

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    2022.06.22 18:37 (UTC+0)

    Your mind must be.... something... to connect those dots...

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    2022.06.23 00:19 (UTC+0)

    .....yeah......sure chief....... whatever you say....... hypocrites......aria defenders....... right back atcha.....

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    2022.06.23 00:37 (UTC+0)

    Top tier logic right here. Pls nerf

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    2022.06.23 11:44 (UTC+0)

    Absolute trash take.

    I can't believe you are out here pretending a great part of Gachas isn't about the character design.

    If I put money down to receive a unit I really like, I expect to get what was offered to me.

    If then the company comes in and retro-actively change their design, it is not what I have paid for.

    Imagine buying a Ferrari that will be delivered to your doorstep, but when it arrives its dressed up as a Fiat Multipla.

    "stop throwing childish tantrums, it has the same mechanics."

    Yup, great take. 

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    2022.06.23 21:08 (UTC+0)

    Why are you trying to conflate balance issues with censorship?

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    2022.06.24 02:52 (UTC+0)

    Every single person defending her wonky booby art and crying non stop could literally vanish from existence and the world would only be better for it. 

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