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Guild Recruitment

Join us in BCDElite for an upstaging guild experience.

Guild: BCDelite

Level: 16Server: 

GlobalMembers: 26
Guild Info:We are semi-competitive, but really just like people who can give an honest try in guild wars. We are a chill and casual group just looking for active people who will check in/donate everyday and participate in guild wars. We have a pretty active discord chat. So we happily welcome ppl who are enthusiastic and excited to play this game as we are. Our player-base is rather diverse. We got everything from pure blooded cleave users to glorious D-Corvus turtle enthusiasts so feel free to ask us any advice (We don't Bite) We are 1 % yummier than guilds who are at least 40% yummier than other guilds
Requirements:- Must join guild discord- Rank 60+-Gold+ In Arena- Daily guild check-ins- Donate gold/orbs daily- Must request mana drake claws daily. Catalysts can be requested on weekends - Use all your attacks in guild wars
Benefits:- 24/7 Guild Buffs- Guild chest- Open weekend aid requests-Weekly guild chestIf you are interested please join our discord and DM @Syui.


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