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Stagnant Account. Unfair [18]

I lost all the optimism i used to have about this game. I have been playing Epic Seven as '#RegentOfSol' account for 2 #years & in all that time i only have 6 ML 5 star heroes. I play EVERYDAY BTW! Every Pull has been frustrating & near tear inducing for me. First game to bring me to #tears, as i actually like it. Im f2p & hardly possess good units. My guild that i currently lead as im the founder, has many members who have been playing for less than 4 months & have all pulled at least 10 ML 5 stars. I feel so severely #depressed playing. My loyalty to Epic Seven means nothing sadly. Ive even recommended this game to ppl people beliving my day will come. It never does. The #sadness i feel is beyond chronic. I play this game to help me with my stress levels. Its only i creased it to highly deabilitating levels. #Smilegate please do better.

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    2022.06.20 16:24 (UTC+0)
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    2022.06.20 16:25 (UTC+0)

    I sent you a friend request just in case. Try playing for the fun and do not take gacha odds so personal.

    From experience: 

    1) try not to pull on a banner if you can't hit pity 

    2) roll the secret shop for mystics spending 1000-3000 skystone at a time

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    2022.06.20 16:36 (UTC+0)

    I felt like quitting after ml tickets (got nothing!) because I never got ml5 from ml summon. Since then I got  from mystic, maid, ml haste, top model luluca, got one ml5 dupe from ml summon (my first ml5 pull is a dupe) and a few days ago I got my second ml5 from ml pity.

    Maybe your luck will change! 

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    2022.06.20 17:45 (UTC+0)

    2+ years and 5 mls later... sounds like a "I don't do guild war," problem.

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    2022.06.20 18:12 (UTC+0)

    bro got any more hashtags?

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    2022.06.20 19:21 (UTC+0)

    I play this game since rimuru banner i have exactly 10 ml im not using all of them i hit champ both world and normal arena im f2p it really depends on how u manage ur resources. just pull on  normal covenant summon 

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    2022.06.21 02:24 (UTC+0)

    Bro the game supposes to bring you fun time not even more depression, if you find it upsetting then just play the others. Also expecting something in a gacha game is like going all in a gamble game, win and be happy or lose and be sorrow. If you see other ppl getting good things and feel jealous its better to not playing gacha anymore or change your expectation. 

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    2022.06.21 02:53 (UTC+0)

    gacha game -> f2p ( you can't just depend all on luck to getting all those ML)  

    Some account are blessed. Yes but not all are the same. If you are jealous or feel sad about it that is normal, If you are both f2p. 

    Long time of playing never guarantee you to get all or most ML unit. 

    I also only have 5 or 6 ml in almost 2 years of play, and i stay at champion arena & rta, and out of the 6 i only used 1 or 2 ML 

    Now the question is how many your resources now? Playing that long should give you a ml pity especially the unit u want 

    I got all the RGB and the limited so even as f2p i believe you can get most unit except the moonlight unit

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    2022.06.21 06:21 (UTC+0)

    If you base your entire enjoyment in a game based on the luck you have from pulling you might have a gambling problem. 

    I've been playing since release. There was a point where i had more ML pets than i did ML 5*. My buddy pulls a ML5 from daily summons once a month. 

    None of this bothers me because i like the game itself. I like most of the character art. The designs. The lore and stories. 

    Ya the PvP is problematic at time (i literally hate the random 5% dual attack) but it's pretty easy to do to get good rewards. 

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    2022.06.21 08:59 (UTC+0)

    Save your bookmarks, and spam it on covenant summons when you feel you lucky

    I meant , most of my ML5 i got from covenant summons, but i never got ML5 once from free 10x times summons and it really itch me sometime

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    2022.06.21 12:09 (UTC+0)

    Newer accounts tend to have better luck. Vice versa.

    As a 2018 player, I'm having worse galaxy summon luck than you, I suppose.

    But I've always believed that I can break the curse of bad luck, if I keep playing for 5 or 10 years.

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    2022.06.22 11:01 (UTC+0)

    This is the worst post i've seen in a while lmao. 1st of " #Smilegate please do better." like really ? You get at LEAST, 8 to 9 Moonlight summons per month (20sum 4/5 guarantee)+ mystics (with pity) and you still manage say it's Smilegate's fault?

    Secondly, as a frame of reference, I have been playing since  Feb 2020, 2y4m exactly (with a 1m pause when genshin came out) and i'm MISSING only 8 ML heroes. I NEVER spent on ML summons, nor spent money on bookmarks. I did spend 50$ to finish a pity before the end of a banner. 

    I can't possibly believe you play everyday and still have this little ML Heroes, there is no way, with optimal play for 2 entire years, you only have 6 ML 5 stars, you must be doing something wrong.

    In my 2y4m of playing, I pitied 7 Mystics banner, so that in itself is more than your total, as a (almost) free 2 play player. Yes I got lucky sometimes and got a ML5 after 20/30 Mystic pulls, but luck come and go and it evens out in the long run.

    Please,stop crying on stove

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